• I ALMOST want to start running to deserve one! Okay, that terrifying feeling has passed 🙂

    • haha, seriously! 😉

  • Minnie from Michigan

    Any news if they will be doing this for the Princess Marathon? Last year I was disappointed that all the bags were gone when we got there. Hopefully they do the same process if they offer special bags.

    • No news yet, but I’ll keep checking! 🙂

  • Hilary

    Any idea if they will be available at the expo. I understand this is pre-sale, but will they be selling any surplus of purses the weekend of the event?

  • JavaJackie

    We will be AT DISNEY ( Yay!!) the week after the marathon….if these purses are not sold out think they will be selling them to the general non running public? If so..where?