Wordless Wednesday: Chef Robert Irvine Takes an Impossible Request

Chef Robert Irvine pausing for a photo with Disney Moms Panelist Kathie and me in the middle of his Dinner Impossible challenge!

{Not-so-Wordless…} One of the unexpected highlights of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was happening upon acclaimed celebrity chef Robert Irvine. We had no idea until that moment that he was there shooting a Dinner Impossible challenge. He was meeting with his team and happened to see Kathie and I walking by with our families. {I think the pink jackets must’ve caught his eye ;)} He waved then walked right over to talk to Gio, who was hanging out in his stroller with his bottle. Kathie asked him if he was cooking us dinner tonight and he said he had no idea, he was just told he needed to cook dinner for 400!

Kathie mentioned she was a vegetarian and was he going to make something for her? He joked that she wasn’t allowed to eat and pretended to walk off, then came back, asked if she ate fish (Nope!) and pretended to storm off again. Then, he came back, asked her name, “Is that with a C or a K?” and wrote it in his little notebook along with the fact that she was a vegetarian. He was getting called away by his team at that point but we managed to snap this picture of us. He was so wonderful to come over and talk with us when he didn’t really have to {and kind of had a LOT to do!}. And Kathie did enjoy the vegetarian lo mein dish served later that night!

I can’t wait to see the airing of this episode of Dinner Impossible, which J. managed to find out should be the 9th show of the new season, airing in June or July. I’m sure I’ll post a reminder for it!

  • TheAngelForever

    We left Epcot with the kids after the ceremony and missed so much. Thanks to your Tweet about Chef Irvine we were jumping up and down while waiting on line for Pirates of the Caribbean. My hubby is vegetarian when we go out (we keep kosher at home). He will eat fish, but not shellfish like shrimp. Thanks to Kathie for reminding Chef Irvine about this part of the population. Trying to figure out what to eat at big events like that can be tricky for a vegetarian. Can not wait to see the episode of Dinner Impossible when it airs.

  • That makes me so happy to think of you guys jumping up and down at Pirates! 😀 I am glad you guys all had that option, I agree it must be really difficult to plan/eat at huge venues like that where everything is pre-planned.

    Thanks for reading – again, it was so great to meet you as well!

  • Zanna!! How cool! I saw him at one time and was to nervous to say anything!
    Looks like you had a great time and he sounds so nice.
    The food they made was AMAZING!!

  • Something I'm learning being around my Disney Moms Panel friends, never be
    afraid to say hello and introduce yourself! (Altho this worked out because
    he came over to us. 😉 )