Cinderella Slipper Antenna Topper! (And Many More!)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Disney antenna topper update, even though I’ve been collecting photos of them all along. I saw one today that gave me the kick I needed to get this post up to share with you all. Maybe I got that kick because this latest topper was actually a shoe! Not just any shoe of course, a very special, very glittery, sparkly, slipper – Cinderella’s famous slipper, in antenna topper form, for all you princesses and your pumpkin coaches!

Cinderella's shoe Disney antenna toppers

SPARKLY! How cute is this Cinderella slipper antenna topper?


Cinderella's slipper Disney antenna toppers

So many shoes, one is bound to fit, right?


Here are the rest of the Disney antenna toppers I’ve seen over the past couple of months – enjoy!

Disney antenna toppers

Robot Mickey is pretty cute, Orange Bird! and a squishy Vinylmation topper.


Agent P Disney antenna toppers

Oh, there you are, Perry (or Agent P I guess!)


Christmas Agent P Disney antenna toppers

The Christmas version of Agent P’s antenna topper.


Christmas ornament Disney antenna toppers

Christmas ornament Disney antenna toppers.


Gingerbread Mickey Disney antenna toppers

I saw these on the Dream and was hoping they’d show up at the Parks soon, looks like they have, according to this photo from @43SquareMiles!

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  • I love the orange bird one so much! I do have to say… I’ve had some funny experiences with these on my car. Maybe I’m just a terrible drive or something but one of my Mickey ones used to bounce on my roof all the time when I was driving. It had its own little beat. haha