D23 Expo 2017 Full Schedule of Events

Hopefully you’ve been following along all of the official updates as I’ve been adding them to my D23 Expo 2017 Planning Guide...today the full schedule of events for Friday through Sunday was released at D23Expo.com, so I thought I’d post it here since the guide was getting so long – there’s so much to do! I’ve converted the calendar schedule into images, so you can easily make them larger or print if you’d like.

Don’t forget, as we get closer, the D23 Expo app will be updating and the schedule, presentation descriptions and live notifications will be added. It really is your one-stop shop for enjoying the Expo. Look for it in the Apple App Store and Google Play soon.

Click to enlarge the schedule below:




And of course, if you cannot attend, be sure to follow along on all my channels where I’ll be sharing updates every day (or even if you will be there, follow along and maybe we can say hello!)

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