NEW Dark Brown Leather Disney Dooney & Bourke Sketch Design Bags

I was just given a heads up about this new Disney Dooney & Bourke style that has popped up in both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. Very similar to the dark brown leather Aulani Dooney & Bourke, which has been consistently sold out and extremely popular, this style features the original Cindy Sketch, in dark brown embossed leather design.

Dark Leather Cindy Sketch Dooney & Bourke
Dark Leather Cindy Sketch Dooney & Bourke in the "East West Shopper"bag style - $330 Thanks to Sheila A. for this image.


Disney Dooney & Bourke Dark Brown Leather
Disney Dooney & Bourke Dark Brown Leather spotted at TrenD


Disney Dooney & Bourke Dark Brown Leather
Close-up of the large Dooney & Bourke hang tag.


Disney Dooney & Bourke Dark Brown Leather
Back of the Disney Dooney & Bourke Dark Brown Leather bag


From what I have been told these are available at both Disneyland (Disney Clothiers and Vault 28) and Walt Disney World (TrenD and World of Disney). I will update with any further news on this design. What do you all think of this design? I think it’s a nice way to have some Disney fun, but keep it subtle!

Don’t forget to check for sales of select current released Disney Dooney & Bourke purses and Zannaland’s Disney Dooney & Bourke page with ALL handbag photos and info.

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  • They had one hanging on a rack at DL’s Vault 28 yesterday.

    •  Excellent! Thanks for that info, I’ll update it! 😀

  • Laura

    Saw these inside Disneyland at the Clothiers last weekend! They’re gorgeous in person! 

    •  awesome! Thanks for the info!

  • TIx2GR

    Is this new brown leather pattern only in this style bag or do they have them in any other styles as well?

    •  For now it just looks like this design, but only time will tell! 😀

    •  As of right now, this is the only style available, just like the Aulani design in the same style. 🙂

    • Nilladoll

      Comes in crossbody and wristlet.

  • I said this on the twitter but I’ll say it here. I WANT to like it but it looks like tattoos on skin. So it give me the creeps. Let’s make it in pink. 🙂

  • ana

    Any idea of when the buttons collection is going to be visible?  I’m dying to see what it looks like!

  • Bluejsmine

    I love it!!

  • Banana2009

    Do they have a matching wallet?

  • Liz

    Just got the bag myself for my birthday and I absolutely love it.  It’s the first one I’ve had that is totally leather and smells it too – gorgeous!  I like that it is subtle and a classic!

  • Nilladoll

    Have it, love it. Get complements constantly without them even realizing its a Disney design.

    • Jlhay

      Has anyone seen the price of the crossbody version of the leather sketch?

  • Liz

    Bought one in Magic Kingdom for my birthday and I love it! It’s a wonderful leather smell and inside is roomy with severl great amazing compartments. More organizational room than I’ve ever had. Classy looking in rich chocolate leather. Love it!! Can be used anytime and received many compliments!!!

  • Barbara M Guy

    My husband bought this for me as a birthday gift when we were at WDW in May. I love it!

  • My husband also bought this beautiful purse for me and the matching wristlet for our Anniversary. The best leather smell ever, its large enough to hold all my belongs and keep it all organized, the bright pink makes it easy to find items. I was hoping to find a matching Wallet but havent seen anything. The detailed embossed sketching is so nice and subtle.