Disney Dooney and Bourke Walt Disney World Retro Collection Bags

I’ve just received some more photos featuring the Walt Disney World version of the Retro Collection from Dooney & Bourke and wanted to share them here. I’m pretty excited about this pattern. These bags, along with the Buttons and Charms collection, will be out later this year. I will post additional photos, styles and prices as I get the information.

Disney Dooney and Bourke WDW Retro
Disney Dooney and Bourke WDW Retro collection


Disney Dooney and Bourke WDW Retro
Disney Dooney and Bourke WDW Retro design


What do you all think? Which of the new designs is your favorite?


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  • Twingle

    YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY 😀

  • Jen Withington

    Not digging the buttons and charms bags at all.  But REALLY loving the WDW retro!  Super cool!

  • I am incredibly excited about the WDW Retro bags! I really liked the DL Retro bags, but I’ve never been there so I didn’t want to spend money on them. I’ve been to WDW countless times so I can’t wait to get my hands on this new print!! Thanks for the post!! 

  • I LOVE this! The colors and graphics are great. I’ve been saving up for a Disney D&B for some time, but hadn’t decided on my favorite patterhn. This one is it, hands down. I felt the same as Whitney in that I liked the DL retro bag, but haven’t been there so I didn’t want to purchase.

    I’ll be staying tuned for a release date and keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be available online.

  • shell

    I hope they release them early I am going to disney Monday and coming back the 12th.

  • This is the first Disney Dooney pattern I’ve really loved. It looks like it was designed by Shag — make sense, since he did the whole line of housewares last year.

  • RocketScienceMom

    Heading to WDW next month. Any sign of these bags yet? I need one. 😉

    • Laureen

      I’m here in Orlando and as of Friday, June 8 there are no bags yet. I asked two cast members at MK and they replied they have not been told the date, and that in the past they have had no idea when any Dooney bags are scheduled – they are “in the back room one morning, ready for us to put out.” They suggested keeping an eye on the Disney Blog, and they also noted that I was probably the 200th person to ask about the bags just that day! They are anticipating the bags to fly out of the stores as soon as they arrive. I am here for another month – will post any news as soon as I see them!

      • Yes…my contact let me know the same thing. I think they will announce it on their own blog. Hopefully soon! 🙂 thanks for the update!

  • Debanddelly

    Have they released these bags yet?  I did not see them on the Disney Store website?  Thank you!

  • Mariellen

    Are these bags in the stores at disney world yet?!!

    • Yes! In all the locations that sell Dooney & Bourke in Walt Disney World. 🙂