New Kid on the Blog Block – Mickey!

mickeyParksBlog_sparkleWe received a little advance notice on Twitter this morning, then the link went live and the announcement was confirmed – Disney Parks now have an official blog! Of course, as with all things Disney, they did it up right – gorgeous graphics to enjoy while you read and moderated comments to keep out any any topic-hijackers.

So what does this mean for the rest of us not-so-official Disney bloggers? Hopefully the site will serve as a great resource to confirm or deny rumors that abound in the blogopshere. Additionally it could spotlight topics we may not have considered otherwise and inspire us to explore new avenues as well. There is certainly room for all of us in the blogging world and I for one am happy to have the Mouse that started it all among our ranks.

The majority of just-published blogs are authored by Thomas Smith, Director of Social Media for Disney Parks, but it looks like perhaps the whole social media team from the various Disney Parks and Cruise Line will be posting and helping out.

From the About page:

The Disney Parks Blog provides the latest, official information about Disney destinations as well as behind-the-scenes looks at what makes Disney Parks the most magical places on earth. Expect to hear from a variety of Disney Cast Members who work each day to make that ‘Disney Difference’.

I wonder if they’ll consider “Guest” authors? Where should I send my application? 😉 Regardless, the blog is off to a great start and it will definitely be exciting to see what unfolds and watch potential interaction between parks and guests.

Check out the new site and wish them luck!