Disney Photo of the Day May 14, 2010

Welcome to a new daily feature here at ZannaLand – Disney Photo of the Day!

I’m always amazed at how it’s possible to take hundreds or even thousands of photos at each Walt Disney World visit, even if I’ve seen all the sights countless times. Some things you just can’t get enough of, like the iconic Cinderella Castle or Spaceship Earth, while other photos just inspire awe due to a particular angle, lighting or other factor.

This is the case with the community I’ve followed on livejournal for quite some time now: disney_potd. The community is run by Vanessa Guzan, who actually lives a few towns over from me and is a frequent visitor to the Parks. I love her eye for detail, colors, texture and more and wanted to showcase her wonderful pictures here. I’ll be mixing it up with some other pictures either from my own collection or other Disney friends that have given me permission to share their work, but I wanted to give you a little intro about Vanessa and her fun community. Please show her some love in the comments! Without any further ado – here is the first Disney POTD:

Walt and Mickey hands
Partners, hand in hand. ©Vanessa Guzan
  • This is really cool, Zanna! What a fabulous way to share the work of others!