Disneyland Paris Dooney & Bourke Retro Tote Bag Available Online

A friend online had visited Disneyland Paris over the summer and shared this adorable design, and now it’s available at the
. It’s kind of funny that they are using the “retro” design also used at Disneyland here in California and at Walt Disney World, since Disneyland Paris opened in 1991 and that isn’t exactly retro (I mean, I know I’m getting older, but it wasn’t THAT long ago that graduated high school 😉 ) No matter, it’s still a cute design, with bright colors and some favorite attractions at both Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studios next door, in celebration of Disneyland Paris’ 20th Anniversary last month.

Disneyland Paris Retro Dooney & Bourke

Disneyland Paris Tote Bag By Dooney & Bourke – Retro
is $349


Disneyland Paris Retro Dooney & Bourke


What do you think? Will you pick up this Disneyland Paris Tote Bag By Dooney & Bourke? I know my rule is I can’t get a location-specific design unless I’ve been there. Which is why I did not get a Disney Cruise Line Dooney until I set sail on the Dream last November (I’d been on the Magic but that was before the Dooney’s existed!) and did not feel like I could get a Disneyland retro design until my first visit to Disneyland back in 2011. (I still didn’t get one, maybe this year will be the year!). How about you? If this design isn’t for you, never fear, there is a  return of the  Mickey & Minnie black and white Comic design out now too, as an online exclusive. And there’s also the new design coming out this summer! What’s your favorite?

Don’t forget to check DisneyStore.com for sales of select current released Disney Dooney & Bourke purses and Zannaland’s Disney Dooney & Bourke page with ALL handbag photos and info.

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