Duffy the Disney Bear Finds a Home in Epcot-Passholder Preview

Duffy at Tokyo DisneySea
photo courtesy of cafetricot on flickr

Fans of Disney’s Tokyo DisneySea may be familiar with the very popular bear, Duffy, who graces the park as a character, plush toy and many, many other forms of merchandise. As the story goes, (you knew there was a story, right?) Mickey Mouse was about to leave on a long sea voyage. Minnie gave him a stuffed bear so he wouldn’t get lonely. Mickey kept the bear duffel bag, and the name “Duffy” was born. Aww.

Duffy has his very own Disney site in Japanese, an unofficial Facebook page, countless flickr photos and ebay auctions for bears, outfits and more. He was for sale, though not referred to as Duffy, simply “The Disney Bear” briefly at Walt Disney World, making character appearances during Teddy Bear Weekends here in Florida. I happened to have purchased one back when my 11 year old was first born. I think I loved him more than my son did. Since I have a a love for all things Japanese as well, I was pretty excited about Duffy coming here to Epcot. Update: read all about Duffy’s arrival this October.

The good news for annual passholders is they will get a sneak preview and special hour-long presentation all about Duffy on September 18, 2010, at 11am, 2pm and 6pm at the Odyssey restaurant in Epcot. Reservations for this event open Tuesday, Aug. 31, at DisneyWorld.com/passholder to all current Disney World passholders. However, Weekday Select and Epcot After 4 p.m. passholders will need valid admission to Epcot. To read more about the details, check out Kristen Ford’s story on The Daily Disney. Duffy should begin making regular appearances in World Showcase’s Japan pavilion in October.

I can’t wait to sign up and be there for Duffy madness to arrive here in Florida. Hopefully he will receive as warm a welcome as he did in his Japanese home. Okaeri nasai, Duffy!

Duffy the Disney Bear
My own Duffy, getting ready to surf the internets.
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  • Aww how cute! I want a Duffy Bear!

  • Okay, how crazy is it that I’d seriously consider going to this event, not because I’m interested in Duffy, but just to get inside the Odyssey?

  • I am TOTALLY with you on that!! 😉 Let me know if you make it over there and
    we can say hello!

  • Unfortunately, I have to be a Responsible Grown-Up and go to work that day. And anyway, my wife would kill me if I went to WDW without her.

  • Reuben

    I’ve seen “The Disney Bear” before (love the Hidden Mickey on his paw pads), I had no idea he had a name and huge fan base in Japan! I’ve read there’s also a huge fan base for Marie from Aristocats over there too. I remember watching a Tokyo Disneyland Princess Parade there and Marie was part of the line up!

    I am loving that more and more Tokyo Disney things are coming to WDW. I feel like the Pirates and Princess Party was modeled after the popular seasonal Princess events they have at Tokyo Disneyland. Hopefully some attractions/parks could make start to make their way over here too!

    • Dwight

      I will tell you this …..
      There are some things that are only made for Tokyo Disneyland such as Cinderellabration.
      Remember Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park’s Junior Rendition of that show?
      I hope that if ANYTHING from Tokyo Disney comes to Walt Disney World, It will be more
      Disney Play Along Activities and Functions, because 95.5 Percent of the shows that I’ve found out about that are performed on Tokyo Disneyland’s Castle Forecourt Stage are just to grand for Walt Disney World”s Magic Kingdom Castle Forecourt Stage to hold. It`s like a little guy holding a huge guy’s weights. But Really, I`d like to see Walt Disney World put in more Play Along Activities with The Character Meet and Greets, like they are doing with The Tangled Play and Greet. I like that.
      – Dwight

  • Zanna, have you heard if they are going to start selling the bear again?

  • I have not seen anything official, but I can only assume they will be
    selling the bears again, hopefully with outfits and such like in Japan! 🙂