EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Fantasyland’s Storybook Circus Soft Opening!

Thanks to Twitter for giving me the heads up about the Fantasyland soft opening of the Storybook Circus area. Since I couldn’t make it over today, extra special thanks to friend and theme park news hound Banks Lee for letting us share the Storybook Circus opening photos here!

As of right now, the interactive queue created for the dueling Dumbo attractions is not yet opened. We’ll keep you posted with any updates.


Welcome to the Circus!
Welcome to the Circus! Photo ©Banks Lee. Notice the character line-up of Goofy, Dumbo, Casey Jr., Pete, and Humphrey!

I am personally SO excited to see Humphrey the Bear in the parks. While he may belong in a National Park according to his backstory, he has always been a favorite character of mine and the possibility of getting Humphrey merchandise makes me giddy!

Dumbo with water!
Dumbo with water! Photo ©Banks Lee


Wiseacre farm sign
Back of the former Wiseacre Farm sign! Photo ©Banks Lee


peauts in floor
Disney in the details! Peanuts in the cement in the ground! Photo ©Banks Lee. I have confirmed with Imagineering that the peanut shells are not real, peanut allergies are safe! 😉


Dumbo on park map
Dumbo on park map now! Photo ©Banks Lee


Dumbo on park map
Storybook Circus on the Magic Kingdom park map Photo ©Banks Lee. Another photo by AttractionsMagazine confirms that #35 on the map will be the Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station play area. Fun!! Thanks @FLAOrangeBlossm for the tip!


The following photos are  © Facebook group – WDW and Back Again.

Storybook Circus Cast Member costumes
Storybook Circus Cast Member costumes!


Goofy's Barnstormer - The Great Goofini
Goofy's Barnstormer - The Great Goofini kids coaster is now open too.


WDW Railroad Fantasyland station
WDW Railroad Fantasyland Station now reopened! The clock face says "Carolwood Park" a lovely tribute to Walt's original backyard train set, named the Carolwood Pacific.


Friend and professional photographer David Manning just shared the following panoramic photos with me (click to enlarge):


Panoramic shot of the area from the Storybook Circus train station
Panoramic shot of the area from the Storybook Circus train station. Photo ©David Manning


Panoramic Dumbo
Panoramic shot of the new Dumbo. Photo ©David Manning


New Great Goofini Barnstormer
Amazing shot of the newly themed Barnstormer - The Great Goofini. Photo ©David Manning


Don’t forget to get your pilot’s license!

Dumbo pilots license
Photo ©David Manning


More to come when I get to the Magic Kingdom myself!

  • Cathy

    Thanks for the update Suzannah.   I’ve been helping firends plan a trip (first timers) for April 18.  Their kids are 2 and 5 and I was really hoping that they wouldn’t miss Dumbo.  I think I’m more excited for them than for my own annual excursion to the world!! 

    •  Happy to share, Cathy! It’s always rewarding to help others plan for a great visit to the World! 😉 I hope your friends enjoy! The first time to Walt Disney World is always extra magical!

  • Megan

    AWESOME!  New it would be coming “any day now”…only wish that any day could have been while I was there two weeks ago *sigh* I’ll have to get back SOON!!  XO

    •  Yes! Always a reason to come back!! 😉

  • Cinderella737

    Great article. The new Dumbo looks great.  But I REALLY hope they didnt use real peanut shells. My son is highly allergic. You wouldnt think they would be real but they sure look it.

    •  I actually just confirmed with someone at Imagineering after getting your comment, that they are not real peanut shells, he’s pretty sure they are concrete. 🙂 Enjoy!

      • Cinderella737

        Oh thats  great ! Thats a huge relief. I figured real ones would wear down and it was likely fake , but to us even the sight of a peanut makes us shudder. I really appreciate you asking ! Thanks 🙂

  • Linda Raymond

    Thanks Suzannah,

    Great pics!! Cant wait to see it in person,,,,,,,

  • otisney

    Awesome update! Thanks for sharing!