First Official Trailer Plus Photos and Thoughts on Saving Mr. Banks!

  • Melissa – Disney on Wheels

    I am sooooo excited about this movie! I had tears in my eyes when I watched this trailer. Mary Poppins is a movie that is so important to me personally. You add Walt, Disneyland, and the Sherman Brothers and it’s the perfect film! :) And I’m with you, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when they announced Tom Hanks would be Uncle Walt but I think I’m on board now.

    • Zanna

      It’s just such a treat to see the story behind the story like this. It will be amazing! :)

  • Melissa McGuire

    Wow. I think that I love this movie and I haven’t even seen it. I’ve loved Tom Hanks since I first saw Bosom Buddies. Yes, I know. I’ve loved Emma Thomson for, well, forever. I just love the feeling from this trailer. Makes me wish Uncle Walt’s time and my time here on this planet had overlapped just a little bit. I am so hoping I can take the kids to see this one. Thanks for linking the trailer. Your site is the first one I saw it at. :)

    • Zanna

      Ahh! I have loved Tom Hanks since Bosom Buddies too! Little me totally fell in love with him then. Glad you found the trailer here and thanks for your comment! I can’t wait to see this either.

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