Or is it stuck in the molasses swamp?

I am currently in the process of creating and tweaking the site to become blog-centric. Bear with me as I get everything set up! Insane amounts of thank yous to my husband for doing all the technical poop require to make it pretty. I’m sort of demanding. Stay tuned!

  • Love the new site! I need to totally revamp mine! How do you like Word Press? 🙂

  • admin

    I do love it so far. I like that it’s totally customizable – unfortunately, the customizing is in a language I don’t speak (php) so I’ve been having the husband help. But as far as the basic settings and tweaking, I can handle that and love what it’s able to do. 😀

    I just need to actually post things now!

    Thanks for your comment, you are #1 on the new site! 😀 (I think you were on the last one too haha!)