Holiday Commercial Round Up!

With the exception of the Super Bowl, there are few times as exciting in the world of television commercials as the holiday season. There are some that stick with us for years, good or bad. I thought I’d share some of my favorites for 2009 as well as the ones that bug me the most!

Love the Island of Misfit Toys Verizon commercial. Poor iPhone!

Love the Tiny Mandolin Garmin commercial, ones with original lyrics to old classic songs are always funny.

I do NOT however, approve of the other Garmin commercial featuring the scary clown. Scary Clowns are not allowed at Christmas!!

I love this one from Target with Santa running:

I think because it shows that Santa can still book it if needed, he’s not too old or full of cookies and milk to get somewhere fast! I do not really enjoy Target’s other commercials this season – the Black Friday ones with that crazy lady that was up all night and super obsessed like Martha Stewart on crack or something was not funny to me. The ones with everyone saying things didn’t really cost that much aren’t really that funny to me either, although the one with the girl admitting all the bad things she did out of guilt is kind of amusing.

NOT a fan of “Talk to the Moose” aka “How Cute Are These Boots?!” from Gap Kids:

But it definitely gets stuck in your head, doesn’t it?? 😉

This is an oldie but a goodie, it makes Baby G stop whatever he’s doing and watch – like he did while I was finding the link to share!

And of course, I have to end with my favorite – It’s a Small World – the Disney Parks holiday commercial that will leave your heart bursting with holiday joy.

What are your favorites?

  • lisa

    I looked on YouTube but didn't find the commercial I wanted. It's a Target one where the dad is behind the TV plugging in the video camera and the kids are laughing as one kid is filming dad's butt. I crack up every time!

  • Oh yes! I saw that one! I love the little kid laughing hysterically into the
    pillow on that one!! 😀

  • OH lord Lisa! I have seen that one 2 or 3 times tonight already! Cracks me up every time!

    I think it's funny because we can relate to it, right? I mean, how frustrating is it when you can't get something electronic hooked up right!!!!

    That is a funny one for sure!

  • Zanna, thanks for posting the iphone one. My 9YO just told me about it. The only one I kept seeing was the ATT Reindeer one, and when Josh told me the iphone one, we just cracked up. Brilliant marketing for sure!

  • …and before I got…I totally agree–do NOT like the Target commercials. They are just plain 'ole stupid! 🙂

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