I’ve Got a Friend in You…

You all know by now about my lifelong love of Disney and the various ways that love has manifested itself – as a cast member, a travel agent, a newlywed, a parent, and forever just a little kid at heart. In that time, I’ve met some amazing people: fellow cast members, Disney management, co-workers and friends both locally and online. However, in the short time that I’ve been blogging about Disney and my family full-time (less than 5 months) the connections I’ve made and caliber of people I’ve met are nothing short of spectacular.



I’ve chatted and emailed and met people where we feel – know there is an instant connection as if we’ve been friends for years. Disney is of course a major common denominator in those equations, there is always something to talk about or share. Though they are out there, it is very rare that I meet or talk with someone with a negative view of Disney. The love Walt had for his life’s work is contagious after all. It’s fun to pretend to be a Disney villain every now and then but most people with a true love of the Parks take on the caring, sharing, “do the right thing” attitude. Of course another characteristic is the embodiment of “dreams do come true“. All Disney fans I’ve met can rely on that mantra to make it through a bad day or carry on the hope for a goal they are trying to reach. I am no exception.

So I guess it should have come as no surprise to me when, in the midst of hoping my own dreams of being on the Disney Moms Panel came true, my husband had a setback and lost his job last week, that my friends (old and new) came rallying to our sides with love, support and offers to help. I couldn’t help but still be awed by what was unfolding before me. I received countless private messages of prayers, good thoughts and wishes via Twitter, Facebook and email. Offers to network J.’s resume around, websites to check, people to call. Unbelievable. All for someone most of them had never met. It really moved me to tears!

With all of that support and help, we had no time to mope or think of the negatives to the situation – we were both instantly pumped up and ready to find that next amazing opportunity that awaited him around the corner. If there’s something I’ve always had, it’s belief in my husband’s abilities. When I met him he was a bag boy at a grocery store (hey, he was 16!) and he turned himself into a successful IT network engineer, followed by software and .Net web developing AND is currently working on his 8th technical book to be published. So I have no doubt something will appear on the horizon that will make use of his wonderful talents. The help and networking from my friends has just been the added bit of pixie dust encouraging us to keep moving forward.

I wanted to thank everyone again for their words, prayers and thoughts for J. and our family. I cannot put into words myself (shocking I know!) how much it means to me to have all of you in our corner, lifting us up in both our times of triumph and need. I am forever grateful to know you and that you thought enough of us to help us succeed like this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I will keep everyone posted about when (not if!) J. secures a new position. He is meeting with people today which will hopefully lead to interviews and new job offers very soon. Of course, I am still hoping there’s some pixie dust waiting for me this week, in the form of a phone call from the Disney Moms Panel (a happy call I hope!) – and I’ll let you know about that this week as well. In these tough economic times, few are safe from life changes like this, whether in a large corporation or a smaller business. One thing is certain, friends and family will pull you through…and I have some of the best. Thank you all…♥

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