Wordless Wednesday: My Magic Disney Flower

Hidden Mickey Flower
My flower from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration - 2 weeks ago - is not only still alive, but seems to have sprouted a Hidden Mickey in the center! Disney magic knows no bounds!

  • KellysLuckyYou

    LOL, that's amazing! Maybe we should start a “Botanical Hidden Mickey” club??? Here's mine http://www.flickr.com/photos/kellysluckyyou/?sa

  • Haha! Yes, love it! I'm always finding Hidden Mickeys where they shouldn't
    be. Great idea! 😉

  • You never know where you'll find a Hidden Mickey! Love yours…


    What are you and Tinney doing to keep these things alive?????

  • They must not stay alive outside of the central Florida atmosphere! 😉

  • Thanks – it's always fun to find them! 😀

  • How cool is that!! Now I'm wishing I still had mine. We left ours for our house keeping lady 🙂