NEW Aulani Resort Disney Dooney Bags in Hawaii

Well, Disney and Dooney & Bourke have done it again. With the grand opening of Disney’s newest Disney Vacation Club (DVC) property in Oahu, Hawaii, we Disney Dooney & Bourke fans have been treated to a new design available exclusively at the Aulani resort. Anyone heading to Hawaii and willing to take orders? 😉 As always, click to enlarge photos:


Aulani Disney Dooney & Bourke
Aulani Disney Dooney & Bourke - Medium tote $220. Photo courtesy: Jeff Oh - DVC member since 2007


Aulani Disney Dooney & Bourke
Aulani Disney Dooney & Bourke - Letter Carrier $170. Photo courtesy: Jeff Oh - DVC member since 2007


Aulani Disney Dooney & Bourke
Aulani Disney Dooney & Bourke - Wristlet $50. Photo courtesy: Jeff Oh - DVC member since 2007



Aulani dark brown leather
Aulani print in dark brown leather - the design is embossed right onto the bag - $330


dark brown Aulani print
inside the dark brown Aulani print

Thoughts? I love the color print and the muted colors in it. Actually, I would love to see one for the deluxe resorts at Walt Disney World, but I know that’s probably an extreme long-shot! In the meantime, I’ll be saving pennies to get to Aulani. Mahalo!

Don’t forget to check for sales of select current released Disney Dooney & Bourke purses and Zannaland’s Disney Dooney & Bourke page with ALL handbag photos and info.

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  • Anonymous

    The color one is gorgeous – don’t like the darker one at all. Love how the one really channels the spirit of Aloha with the characters. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I kind of feel the same way about the darker one, but I can see people that aren’t into bright Disney characters or colors liking it. I like the fact that it is in keeping with a Hawaiian style. Now who can we get to pick us up on of the other ones?? 😉

  • PearlySwan

    Why must you torture me like this???

  • I NEED that bag…. 

    • I agree 100%. (Me too!)

  • Easterlingkay

    Can’t wait. Will be there as DVCmember March 10thru17th/2012. Lucked out with Oceanview room.

  • Mpotz96

    mail order 🙂
    & yes my vote is in line with others…..colors is really cute! but the brown seems drab fir Disney 🙁

    • Actually, from what I have heard, mail order will not be offering these bags. Similar to the Disney Cruise Line Dooney’s, they are only available IN the resort. The resort will also not sell or ship over the phone. 

  • Marciep

    Check any Dooney Outlet for other Disney bags, they are on sale!

  • Anna

    I kinda like the darker one – I could see using it to much less whimsical occasions.  Is it wrong to carry Mickey to a funeral?  Court hearing?  Your child is being expelled for unspeakable acts meeting with the teacher??  Plus, it screams “fall in NJ” to me.  Who’s coming to Hawaii with me so I can celebrate fall in NJ?

  • Diane L

    Very cute! Zanna, you should be our Disney Dooney Bag Mom Panelist!  You are always on top of the new designs!!

  • I actually like the darker one, more subtle Disney!

  • Lawchicky819

    I’ve been totally in love with the cruise line logo for months now, but I like this one even more!!

  • Nicsteve54

    Gorgeous.. Just wish that they had my favorite character Stitch. You would think that LILO & STITCH would be a given on something Disney and Hawaii. The whole movie takes place there.

  • Annie

    I travel to Hawaii often and am able to buy and ship for anyone that wants one. Please email me at

  • Sharline

    I would really love the tote or the brown one! I’ve been watching them on eBay and have been seeing if the prices go down. I know what Dooney’s cost and these people have the price over inflated big time! Maybe make $50 on a bag but $100 or more is CRAZY!

  • dkginop

    Saw the brown one last week at Aulani.  The price was $330  was gone before I knew it.  Would have liked to see the colorful ones.

  • Amjsferris

    I got the brown Aulani one today and poeple at the airport wanted to buy it from me! I love it!!! 🙂

    • Amjsferris

      Got the dark brown one today! People wanted to buy it off of me at the airport! 🙂

    • That’s wonderful!

  • Duchessproductions2000

    At Aulani now and the first thing I zeroed in on was that bag. Can’t decid in the messenger or tote.