NEW: Disney Dooney and Bourke-2014 runDisney WDW Princess Half Marathon

FINALLY, we have a photo of the purses available to purchase at the WDW Princess Half Marathon! I don’t have prices yet but if you are registered you should have received an email from runDisney with a link to pre-purchase these bags! If anyone would like to pass along pricing, I’ll update the post with the info. (Edit: thank you, prices added!) More/larger photos as I can find them. Until then, here you go!

Princess Half Disney Dooney

Letter carrier is $197.95, shopper is $187.25, and the tote is $240.75.
(Thanks Courtkneehowe for the pricing!)

Check for sales of select current released Disney Dooney & Bourke purses and Zannaland’s Disney Dooney & Bourke page with ALL handbag photos and info.

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  • Courtkneehowe

    Letter carrier is 197.95, shopper is 187.25, and the tote is 240.75! Hope that helps!

    • Yes! Thank you so much!! 😀

  • Lauren Bothwell

    Do you happen to have measurements?

  • Wende Gilmore

    Anyone know why my email directs me to wdw marathon merchandise? Or is anyone else having this problem? Thanks

    • Melissa Flurry Clark

      I had that problem too – along with the fact that the i-bag coupons are also dated for the Marathon weekend! – go to the RunDisney site for the Princess Run and click on Registration and then click on Commemerative Keepsakes. Click on a purse and it will take you out to Click Register Now, log in and select the purse you want! Hope that helps!
      Wish they had done this at Tink – got there on Thurs from SC and they were sold out and on Ebay for $500!

  • Jessica

    Are people receiving pre-purchase e-mails for these bags? I have been registered for this run since before registration opened and I would LOVE to get one of these. I wanted one of the Tinkerbell ones really bad this past weekend but they were gone within hours! The expo was a mess and I never experienced this at a WDW expo. I have not received an e-mail regarding pre-purchasing the Princess Half Dooney. Any information would be greatly appreciated.