NEW! Exclusive Look at Disney and LeSportsac HAWAII Print Bags!

I must start by giving a huge thank you to Oni from, who contacted me sharing her post on the newest Disney and LeSportsac designs, debuting in Fall 2013. I asked if I could share her photos and info here and she graciously agreed. Thanks, Oni! She was able to visit the LeSportsac showroom, where she got some exclusive photos and learned some great news about Disney and LeSportsac’s design collaboration. Let’s get right to it!

As Oni notes, these new Hawaii designs look like a wonderful tribute to the Disney’s Polynesian Resort, for us Walt Disney World fans. I know I can’t wait to see these in person (and get one too!).  Apparently, LeSportsac changed their mind and are now going to sell the Hawaii designs everywhere this Fall, not just in Hawaii (phew!). In addition, she learned that the Hawaii print will not be the last design from this collaboration. Hooray!

Here is the Tropical Paradise print:

Disney LeSportsac Hawaii print
Disney LeSportsac Hawaii print – Tropical Paradise


Disney LeSportsac Hawaii print - Singing Stars
Disney LeSportsac Hawaii print – Singing Stars

The Singing Stars print is above – with ELEPHANT CHARM! How adorable!

Below we see all the prints and charms for the Hawaii collection. I simply cannot wait –



Thank you once again to Oni, be sure to stop by her site and check out her further updates on the LeSportsac (non-Disney) Winter line. And you can check out my other coverage because of the Disney LeSportsac collaboration too.