NEW LeSportsac Disney Pixar Monster’s Inc Print Bags

Thanks to Zannaland reader Breana for letting me know LeSportsac had come out with this new print! It looks like a fun new collaboration for Disney Pixar and LeSportsac fans. From the LeSportsac site, we learn a little bit more about who designed this new Monster’s Inc print:

As the production designer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., Ratatouille, Presto and Cars 2, Academy Award® winner, Harley Jessup, has built a career designing films that both children and adults can love. For each Pixar feature, his mission has been to create a visually exciting, believable world with appealing characters all in support of a great story.

Monsters Inc LeSportsac

No mention if this is the first of many Disney Pixar designs, but I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that it is! I like the hand-drawn look to it, and how the scenes are that of a bustling downtown Monstropolis complete with taxi cabs and “Broadway-like” show marquees. The new pattern seems to come in all of the usual bag styles as well. You can find out more and purchase bags on the LeSportsac site. I’m sure these will be showing up in Disney parks on both coasts soon as well. I’ll keep you posted as I discover anything more!

Monsters Inc LeSportsac




Monsters Inc LeSportsac

You can view the other Disney LeSportsac collaborations on Zannaland too!

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