New Tomorrowland Movie Posters and Trailer – Review of the Epcot Sneak Peek

Over the weekend, an extended preview began on both coasts to showcase Tomorrowland’s May 22nd release. In Epcot, the preview took the place of the much beloved (or much despised from some fans who don’t “get it”) Captain EO starring Michael Jackson. I am firmly in the LOVE category with Captain EO, but I feel like us getting a second chance to enjoy the rag tag band of space misfits led by the infamous Captain EO, and the film itself getting a second life among a new generation was a great gift from Disney to us. I would love if ALL of Epcot could return to its 1980’s glory, but I hold out no hope for that happening any time soon. So if we must say goodbye again to our Captain and his friends, what better to replace them than a film which espouses the EPCOT and futurist philosophy so many of us hold so dear.

The Imagineers have given the Magic Eye Theatre a nice little overlay of Tomorrowland concept art, paired with a fun pre-show featuring interviews with Damon Lindeloff and Brad Bird, relating the movie back to Walt Disney and his vision of the future. The preview itself is a wonderful, long look at the film. I was expecting a 5-10 minute extended trailer, but this was much more. I loved it and it made me even more excited to see the film when it opens. Having taken part in some of The Optimist game last summer at the D23 Expo and seeing part of the filming process at D23’s Destination D last November, I’m pretty invested in this movie and hopeful for its success.

The extended preview is at Epcot as mentioned, and also in Tomorrowland in Disneyland until the movie opens. After that, who knows what the future holds…

Here are the newest Tomorrowland movie posters plus the new IMAX poster just released. If you want to learn more about a few of these characters, check out the preview in the parks!



The latest Tomorrowland trailer just arrived in my inbox – this is a completely different look at the film! I’m not sure how much of the movie will be this action-packed, but this will certainly interest a whole different set of movie-goers from just the history buffs obsessed with the 1964 ¬†World’s Fair…what do you think? This may be one of very few films I actually think would be worth viewing in IMAX!

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