Product Review: Gillette SatinCare Shave Gel

[Edit: originally published on ZannaLand on 6/22/09]

This week’s review is on Gillette SatinCare Shave Gel – in Alluring Avocado. Now, I am not usually a shave gel kinda woman. I use body wash on a pouf usually and that’s just fine. However, after getting a sample size shave gel for a recent trip to Disney, I thought, why not “splurge” and get a full-sized can? So I perused the shaving cream aisle at my local SuperTarget, and Alluring Avocado jumped out at me. First, I thought “AVOCADO?! That’s not exactly alluring to me…” but then I thought, well, it must be nice if they made a whole shower gel based on it…(yes I am a consumer at heart). So I tried to smell it through the cap, and it smelled pretty nice, so I put it in the basket.

I used it a few days ago, and it was *delightful*!! It smelled light and cool, similar to a cucumber/melon scent, not overpoweringly sweet like other gels I’ve tried in the past. In addition, it worked wonderfully. I got a nice close shave and it didn’t dry me out. I highly recommend it! I have decided that $2 and change on a can isn’t that much of a splurge and definitely worth it for how much quicker and easier it is to shave with it.

So there you go. More reviews to come. If there is a product, service, film, book, or anything you’d like me to review here, please just drop me a line.