Retro Walt Disney World-1975-Name That Location

I thought in honor of Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary coming up this Saturday, October 1, I’d post some retro photos all week long. I’ve shared some old photos in the past here in Zannaland, but I managed to find a few more this weekend from my mom’s photo albums. This one in particular caught my eye because I really couldn’t tell where it was taken. There is a flag pole, but it’s clearly not in Main Street, U.S.A.’s Town Square. Then friend and Disney history (and present and future) expert, Scott Otis pointed out the Cinderella Castle spire to the left of the balloons. So it must be somewhere to the left of Main Street, in the Crystal Palace or Baby Care/First Aid area? That double little wall area in the background is throwing me off. If you have an exact thought, feel free to share! (Click to enlarge)

Retro WDW 1975
My brother and sister, 1975 And as with all Disney photos from the 70's, it's difficult to tell which people are cast members are which are actual guests due to attire!


In a funny coincidence, I see that Jud’s Disney Photo of the Day he just posted looks like it could be in a very similar spot! I’m now questioning the date…because photo I have in the other post lists it as 1972, which would make sense because if it was 1975, I’d be almost 2, and probably would’ve been in more pictures. But my mom has this trip listed in the photo album as 1975. Hmm. This may remain a mystery!