Review: Frozen Took Me By Surprise and Melted My Heart

  • ohAmanda

    Yes! I think that’s one reason I liked it so much b/c I was afraid it was all going to be slapstick Olaf and Sven! Instead it was a surprisingly good story!

    The song of Hans and Anna reminded me of Moulin Rouge (only this one was more silly) when they are on the roof? Know what I’m talking about?

    I agree the troll song was kinda lame. I also didn’t fall in love with Kristoff. Flynn is still my #1 guy. ;)

    • Zanna

      YES! I know the scene well (my fav movie ever!). Glad you liked it! I agree we needed more Kristoff development but I guess they wanted more sisterly stuff than boyfriend-y stuff in the end. :D

  • Melissa McGuire

    I was on the fence because I knew nothing other than Olaf and Sven and I was terrified that Olaf, like Frosty, was going to melt when the thaw came. I could see my kids falling in love with him and then being devastated if he ended up a puddle. I admit, I snuck a peek at the end of the junior novelization in Target before we saw the movie to make sure all would be well (it was).

    When we saw the movie, I reacted exactly like you. Instant love! Let is go and Do you want to build a snowman are on constant loop in my mind. I thought I’d love Anna (I did) but what I found is that Elsa totally spoke to me. Older sister. Responsible one. Not allowed to be wild and wacky like her younger sister. After Belle, Elsa is my new favorite Disney Princess. Plus, how awesome are her ice castle building powers?

    Loved the movie, and my kids, who went to the theater saying this was the only time they’d go see it until we bought it on DVD, want to go back. :)

    Great review (as always)

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