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The Last JediStar Wars has been a permanent part of pop culture since the very first film premiered in 1977. However, its place and reputation has morphed quite a bit, in the short time since the Walt Disney Company acquired the Star Wars brand and new film productions were announced. The Star Wars fandom went from being relegated to a trickle of nerds, to surpassing even mainstream popularity and becoming its own deluge of a multi-media, multi-platform, multi-generational phenomenon. As these new movies began production, endless conventions and expos have been pondering and sometimes even revealing more details in between these releases. The latest in the Star Wars juggernaut was the Star Wars Celebration convention, held in Orlando in mid-April. There, a new The Last Jedi poster as well as the first teaser trailer were released, to the squeals and agony (for the wait till they can see the full movie) of fans around the world. Who is Rey related to? Who IS the last Jedi? Why are they the LAST one?? All will be revealed (we hope?!) when The Last Jedi is released on December 15th, 2017.

That official teaser trailer is below and the poster image is to the right…who do YOU think will be the last jedi? I’d love to hear from you about how Star Wars first became a part of your life. As for me, I’m old enough to have seen the originals in the theatre. I’m also a girl who grew up in the 80’s, which means I fell in love with the ewoks, and as a result Return of the Jedi is my favorite film. I know, I know. Who knows, maybe The Last Jedi will take its place?



The Last Jedi The Last Jedi The Last Jedi The Last Jedi

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