Swampy Celebrates 1st Birthday With Exclusive Birthday Content in Where’s My Water

When I got my iPad for Christmas, the first thing I did was download Where’s My Water and proceeded to pretty much play it not stop until I’d tri-ducked all the levels. The game is so addictive, fun, and constantly updated with new levels and content.

Now Swampy is turning one and you get the present in the form of an exclusive free birthday-themed level in Where’s My Water? titled, “Make a Wish,” in addition to 10 more free Lost Levels and 40 new Mystery Duck levels! Hint: Tap the birthday present on Where’s My Water?’s main menu to unwrap the secret birthday level tomorrow, September 22, 2012.

Until then, take a look at the amazing statistics “Where’s My Water” can boast on the following graphic: (click to enlarge)

Where's My Water birthday

  • Rich T

    Suzannah, I love Where’s My Water (as does nearly everyone in my family)!!! Everything about it screams high-quality Disney, including the characters, the animation and the brilliant level designs. Nice to see such clever, non-violent game doing so well!

    …Now I’ve got the theme music whistling in my head…

    • Haha, and now I am too, Rich! I agree, it’s great to have a game any age can play. Do you all play Where’s My Perry too? That one is fun but a little harder for the kids I think. 🙂