VIDEO: Star Wars Weekends Celebrity Host Ashley Eckstein

I had the pleasure of first getting to know Ashley Eckstein, a year ago, when we spoke on the phone and it was like talking to an old friend I’d known forever. Ashley is the star of the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars on Cartoon Network and design entrepeneur, …

VIDEO: Star Tours Opening Day Characters in Full FORCE

A few weeks ago I was treated to an amazing experience, which was a media preview of the all-new Star Tours 2 in 3-D — Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

Ashley Eckstein Brings Star Wars Fangirl Fashion to Life with Her Universe

Available for the duration of Star Wars Weekends 2011, Eckstein’s line of Her Universe apparel and accessories was created as a response to the ever-increasing demand for fashionable “geek chic” products among the growing community of female fans.

Farewell to Captain Rex – D23’s Last Flight to Endor Celebration

Many of you may have heard about the Last Tour to Endor party associated with the Star Wars Celebration V that took place at the Orange County Convention Center last month. I know I was disappointed that we couldn’t get it to work out logistically, so when I saw the …