The Wonderful World of Wednesday: Nose to Nose

I’m starting a new feature here on the site, called The Wonderful World of Wednesday. (Yes, it is a hat-tip to the Wonderful World of Color.) We all know I cannot really keep up with the “wordless” part of the popular “Wordless Wednesday” features around the blogosphere, but this idea came to me when I saw all the wonderful colorful photos of and around the Disney Parks. I thought it would be fun to showcase particularly spectacular or unique photos each Wednesday. Some photos will be mine, but others I’ll find from other (much more talented) people and share here.

First up is a fun shot of the Minnie Mouse plush lined up at the Magic Kingdom’s Emporium. It’s no secret I have a great love for lined-up plush like this! Click to enlarge.

Minnie Mouse plush
Minnie Mouse is neat and pretty!


Minnie Mouse plush
And they wouldn't look so neat and pretty were it not for the dedicated cast members working day and night!
  • Chrissy Pagnotti

    …as a former Merchandise Cast Member, I have great appreciation for the time and pain-staking care taken in assembling a plush display!!!  I never ‘quite’ mastered that art, but I had a lot of fun trying!!!