Throwback Thursday: The Rainbow Corridor

In honor of Walt Disney World’s upcoming 40th anniversary, I thought I’d post a photo each week of me or my family from our past visits. I have posted in the past my earliest photo from around 1979 but here’s one from one of my favorite places ever – the Rainbow Corridor at Image Works upstairs from Journey into Imagination. That attraction, and the Image Works play-area hold my tiny, unicorn-filled childhood heart. I spent hours in there playing with the different colored tables full of ‘pins’, painting Figment on a touch screen, stomping on the colored lights to make music, and Dreamfinder’s School of Drama (green screen at its finest – AND, Dreamfinder was played by none other than Imagineer extraordinaire, Joe Rohde – thanks to Scott Otis [Disney expert and friend extraordinaire] for that tidbit!). I would give just about anything to go there again.

Rainbow Corridor

Me, in my 80's finest - EPCOT Center cap, Esprit shirt, short shorts, my shirt tucked in?!...inside the greatest tunnel ever made. I think this must be around 1984. Special thanks to Scott Otis for reminding me of the Rainbow Corridor's actual name, I'd forgotten the corridor part!

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