To Quote Rafiki – It is Time!

suzannah moms panelJust adding a quick update that I am now LIVE at along with my other 2nd quarter friends, Amanda W. and Joel K. If you click on our bios you can ask us questions directly! I started answering questions today and let me tell you, it is so much fun. As much as I love helping a random person out here and there on twitter, it’s great not to be limited by 140 characters. 😉 The Disney site lies somewhere between twitter constraints and being able to go on and on here, so it’s a nice, happy medium. Of course I am seeing and answering questions there from all over, from people with every possible situation looking to get help with their Disney vacation. As a former travel agent, I always loved that part, when I just got to talk to people about what they could do. It really is so exciting and I thank Disney once again for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Because of my new position taking effect now, my time is a bit limited but I’ll still be here posting as much and as often as I can. The book giveaway I mentioned on twitter will be a bit delayed, but I’ve got some other things coming up you won’t want to miss. As for the Vinylmation giveaway, I’ll be using to pick the winners tonight and announce them as an edit to the original entry – so stay tuned! Thank you so much for participating and for reading ZannaLand. This certainly is one heck of a ride! Glad to have you along with me. 🙂