VIDEO: Tour the Gorgeous Royal Guest Rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans

Royal Guest RoomsI was given an amazing opportunity to stay at one of the brand new Royal Guest Rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. I had a sneak preview of a room mock-up last June, when I also saw the refurbished Port Orleans French Quarter rooms, so I was thrilled to see the finished product in person. To sum up the experience, I was blown away. The rooms are SO gorgeous. After having seen the Cinderella Suite inside Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom last December, I can say that staying in this room would be the next best thing for me. I love all the little details and touches which make it a truly special experience. Rather than just talk about what I loved, I thought I’d create a video highlighting some of the magical embellishments that await guests.

First, let’s go over the back story of the room designs. Princess Tiana, hailing from New Orleans, has invited her royal friends to visit her home. As royalty often do, Tiana’s guests have left behind gifts for her over the years, which she has incorporated into these guest rooms. I’ve captured these gifts and nods to other royal guests in the video. Let’s see if you can find them all!

In addition, things like the wallpaper border in the main room and bathroom area pay homage to the little animal helpers featured in each Princess’s story, the bedspread features their crowns, and of course, some hidden Mickeys can be found here and there. My favorite part by far, is the dazzling fiber-optic effects on each headboard. I am not joking when I say I pressed the button to make it light up all night. I have a soft spot for fiber-optics, going back to the sparkling tiles over at Epcot, so this fun surprise made me insanely happy. I captured the effect on video too, so let’s watch!

The Royal Guest Rooms are now available for booking at only $189 per night, sleeping four. The brand new mattresses were super comfy too, not to mention the delightful “new hotel room scent,” we loved being there! There are 512 Royal Guest themed rooms at Port Orleans Riverside, which join the 384 Pirate Rooms over at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, featuring swashbuckling details including pirate ship beds and buccaneer accessories. Rooms may be booked by calling 407-W-DISNEY. I cannot wait to stay there again!

Special thanks to the folks at Disney Destinations and Laura Spencer for this opportunity. My family and I were truly grateful! Review of our dinner at Boatwright’s Dining Hall coming soon!


*If you’d like the run-down of the gifts from other princesses, here you go: Wooden carved frame from Snow White, Magic Carpet from Jasmine, Pumpkin Coach coat rack from Cinderella, Pooch foot rest/ottoman from Belle, Genie’s Magic Lamp is the faucet, look for the dinglehopper and snarfblatt from Ariel on the shower curtain…those are the ones I found anyway!

Fiber Optics in Royal Guest Room
Magical Fiber-optics in Royal Guest Room