Twenty Eight & Main-New Disney Merchandise Line-Limited Release Items

While I may be totally messing with Disney’s intended demographic for their newest merchandise line, Twenty Eight & Main – designed for the “Discerning Gentleman…” I can’t help but be excited for the great graphics and designs used and the promise of more to come. A few months back, Merchandise Communications Manager Steven Miller gave us a little sneak peek of the Twenty Eight & Main line, via the Disney Parks Blog:

One of the merchandise programs I’m most excited about this year is called Twenty Eight & Main. This Disney Theme Park Merchandise exclusive collection of quality goods was designed for the discerning gentleman who enjoys visiting Disney Parks (hey, that’s me!). When I first saw artwork last summer, I couldn’t wait to tell the world just how awesome it looks. I caught up with Bobby Bongiorno, merchandiser for graphic apparel, to learn more about what other gentlemen like me can expect later this year.


“Twenty Eight & Main will be known for quality and attention to detail,” explained Bobby. “We intend to use unique fabrics and washes for many items. We will also include embellishment techniques such as light weight embroidery, patches and appliqués to create items that will be functional and will fit great. The look will be classic, yet stylish and modern in every sense.”

The collection will contain apparel items such as short and long-sleeved shirts, vintage-style T-shirts, hats and more. There will also be accessories including drinkware, D-Tech phone cases and other travel items.

And now, a few of these items are showing up with a bit of detective work on the Disney Store site…I shared the links this morning on my twitter and facebook accounts, but when I found some more products, I thought it warranted a blog post to spread the love.

Here is what I’ve found so far – wood signs and t-shirts – the signs are a bit pricey at $130 each, but DisneyStore is running a $30 special on Twenty Eight & Main tees when you buy 2 or more, so that’s something anyway. From what we are hearing, the quality of these shirts will be worth it. We’ll have to see. As for now, the designs are tempting:


Carousel of Progress Wood Sign – Limited Release


Carousel of Progress Limited Release Tee
Florida Project Wood Sign - Limited Release
Florida Project Wood Sign – Limited Release


Florida Project Limited Release Tee


Twenty Eight & Main Wood Sign – Limited Release


Twenty Eight & Main Tee – Limited Release


Some of the Twenty Eight & Main line of designs had already shown up at the small kiosk called The Sign Shop in the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

Steven Miller also asked Bobby about the inspiration behind the program’s name, in case you were wondering:

“The name was inspired by the year of Mickey Mouse’s debut and the timeless Main Street, U.S.A.” replied Bobby. “The lion reaching towards the star symbolizes Walt Disney’s pursuit of his dreams. The same lion can be found on the coat of arms featured on iconic Disney Park castles.”

More Twenty Eight & Main items debut this fall in select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. (And right now at the!) We’ll be sure to keep tracking any new releases. Until then – happy shopping!

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  • Melissa McGuire

    Thank you so much for posting these! Typically I get emails from Disney for their limited edition tees but I haven’t seen anything on these ones. I also haven’t gone to the disney parks blog in a while. I am a sucker for all of these limited t shirts. We wore our 40th anniversary Peoplemover and our Sunshine Tree Terrace Orange bird shirts as a family last week at WDW and got a ton of compliments. As long as the kids are willing to match with us, I will keep buying these shirts. 🙂

    Excuse me while I run over to the disney store now!
    Thanks so much Zanna!!!

    • Hooray! Happy to help! It’s hard to pass up these great designs (as evidenced by my overflowing closet!). Keep wearing them in good health! 😀

      • Melissa McGuire

        I just saw that this line is for “the discerning gentleman”. Well, how does Discerning Rocket Scientist Gal work instead? Because I’m totally buying all of the for me! Thanks again for the link. I will keep posted to your site for more of these as they come out. As soon as the Adventurers Club sign is available as a t-shirt, please blog it!! 🙂

  • These shirts are really cool. I wish they had a fitted ladies versions. Unfortunately, they aren’t “2 for $30” they are “2 or more, $30 each” (So it’s $60 for 2, not $30 for 2.)

  • Kevin

    It’s worth noting that the t-shirts from the Twenty Eight & Main collection only go up to XL. I’m a large fellow who needs 2X at least, sometimes 3X (depending how small they run). I hope this isn’t a trend in future items.