VIDEOS: Amazing Halloween Light Shows With Music!

As you might be aware, I love Christmas and a major reason for this is all the wonderful twinkling lights on display everywhere, especially at Walt Disney World. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights in particular are a highlight of the season for me. I’m sure you’ve heard of talented homeowners doing their own version of dancing lights coordinating with music during the holiday season. Well I’ve just discovered one of those talented folks, who decided to take on Halloween. Check out these AMAZING light and music displays from one man in Riverside, CA.

This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas:
Party Rock (Every Day I’m Shufflin) by LMFAO:
Some videos from 2010 –
Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas:

Sandstorm by Darude: (This song always reminds me of playing Dance Dance Revolution left, right, up, up, jump!)

Thriller by Michael Jackson:

Aren’t these amazing?! I for one would LOVE to have this guy as a neighbor! Keep up the great work!