Well, minus a few tweaks and an ‘about me’ page I still need to write, I think the site is finally ready to go. Of course I could’ve been writing fabulously entertaining blogs this whole time to keep you on the edge of your seat with my charming wit and panache, but instead I decided to keep you mired in suspense and riddled with anticipation. (read: too lazy to sit down and actually write something) But now here I am and here we are together, on Easter, to celebrate the new beginning that is my shiny new blog.

So many times over the course of the past month or so while I procrastinated finishing this project, I thought of wonderful blog ideas that I felt could entertain the masses. However now that it’s time to release myself upon the world, where are those ideas I ask? Probably somewhere trapped in a Diaper Genie or maybe at the bottom of one of my many iced lattes. No matter though, I’ll find them all at some point. This is just me saying hello, waving to the interwebs and telling you all to stay tuned. We’ll be right back after this short break brought to you by the letters: Chocolate and Bunny. 😉