Enter to Win an UNBirthday Button Designed by Keith Lapinig!

UnBirthday Button
(Sparkles not included, you make those on your own!)

When I first saw Keith Lapinig‘s Unbirthday Buttons on twitter, facebook and instagram, I fell in love. I also turned into Veruca Salt and wanted one NOW! Keith has held a few giveaways across his social media platforms but I know many many people (like me) didn’t win and were still hoping to get one of these beauties to wear in the parks, at the grocery store, to Starbucks – anywhere!

Well Keith came to the rescue and reached out to several Disney bloggers to share the unbirthday love and giveaway more buttons. I now have one button to giveaway to a lucky reader! So let’s get right to the unbirthday festivities.

Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget. It’s so easy to do, you don’t even have to leave this page to enter. There are quite a few optional entries as well to give you more options and chances to win!

A big thanks to Keith for being so generous with his time and creativity – let’s hope there’s much more to come! (If you haven’t checked out Keith’s YouTube videos, you are missing out – he is great and gets right to the core of what Disney fans want to see!) Click play below to see Keith giving the Mad Hatter and Alice some Unbirthday Buttons!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

UnBirthday Button
(Ears not included either) 😉
UnBirthday Button
Best of luck to all that enter!
  • Krista Miller

    I just recently celebrated a very merry unbirthday (and ladies’ night) at Disney’s California Grill! Not only was it a “to die for” meal, but the treat of the night was watching Wishes! right from our table by the window–what a magical unbirthday! 😉

  • madodd

    Calling my daughter to wish her happy birthday yesterday and when she answered the phone she replied “Happy Unbirthday to you mommy!”

  • John Schlegel

    No one in my family understands the unbirthday. More fun for me I guess. 🙂

  • Stephanie

    My best Un-Birthday memory would have to be when I went with my mother and sister to Walt Disney World in 2010…mom’s last trip. We explored the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival (and enjoyed the 3D Dessert party), had fun at the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, dined in heaven at Kouzzina, and just had an amazing trip! I also got to take her to her dream restaurant (which we had been trying to go to for 10 years): Emeril’s! It was an amazing trip that I will never forget!

  • Meghan Hayes

    Man… BEST unbirthday memory? I guess it would have to be watching Alice in Wonderland with my grandparents and discovering unbirthdays for the first time. My grandparents were amazing Disney addicts.

  • Theresa Sheingold

    My oldest son was born on my 29th birthday! So on that day it became my Happy Unbirthday and I am perpetually 29!!

  • disneygoober

    Everyone kept asking what we were celebrating on our last Disney Cruise. Although the answer was that we were celebrating being on the Disney Fantasy for the first time, we eventually started saying that we were celebrating a very merry unbirthday because it was a cuter / more Disney answer. 🙂 So the button would remind me of our last Disney Cruise.

  • Jimbo Aguilar Romano

    My friends and I are huge fans of Alice in wonderland so one day we all got together and celebrated an unbirthday party for us all 🙂

  • Evan Henk

    Best memory? Churros.

  • Sheila Daigle

    I can’t wait for Dec. 25th so I can celebrate MY unbirthday with lots of presents!

  • TJ

    The best un-birthday I had was when I went to Florida for an internship at Disney. The orientation took us into the Magic Kingdom where I almost cried at the sight of Main Street and Cinderella Castle.

  • Amanda

    The time I went to Disneyland and it rained the whole day. I loved it!

  • The Disney Geekette °o°

    I’d have to say for me, seeing World of Color Winter Dreams for the first time at Disney California Adventure, finding myself on a snowflake with the virtual honor choir, that was my best un-birthday moment this year. (: °o°

  • Joining the Mad Hatter and Alice for Tea on the Disney Magic certainly made for a magical unbirthday!

  • wdwjill

    I keep trying to win these

    • Well it worked! Rafflecopter picked you! 😉 Congrats!

      • wdwjill

        Yeah let me know what I need to do

        • Just sent me your address to zanna @ zannaland.com 🙂

  • Becky Browne Allen

    My most recent unbirthday moment was celebrating with my mom at Party for the Senses. So much yummy food! And the Cirque performers helped my mom bring chairs over to our table. Magical.

  • Marisa C

    Best unbirthday memory was a surprise trip to Disneyland with my friends and finally being able to get my own mouse ears!

  • Kirsten Rollag

    MY best Unbirthday memory is anytime I find Alice and Hatter in the parks and anytime I get to spend it at the Mad T Party

  • Beckingham

    My best unbirthday memory was exploring this tiny little town on the coast in Ireland, nearly getting trampled by a herd of ramaging sheep, and seeing the most breathtaking, nontourist views in all of Ireland. truly a very unmerry birthday for me!

  • Jennifer F

    How cute is that?! Wow he’s got talent!

  • Sarah Hardman

    Alice: I have certainly had a lot of merry unbirthday moments! But I do believe that one of my favorites have been when I fell through the rabbit hole into the strange land of Wonderland and met the Mad Hatter. He taught me all about unbirthdays. Even the Queen of Hearts celebrates her unbirthday. Although celebrating them everyday can get so tiring…

    As for me! One of my favorite moments was when my dad surprised me and my sister with a Daddy-Daughter trip to Disneyland! It was so special and magical. Words cannot even describe my love for Disney!


  • Mary

    Going to Disney World with my best friend was my greatest unbirthday memory!

  • kaylyn

    my favorite unbirthday moment is probably the last time i went to epcot for food and wine and drank korean slushies and smiled a lot

  • Cathleen King

    My best UN-birthday memory is having a Pineapple Dole Whip Float.

  • Dahlia Cortez

    Receiving the gift of chocolate on my unbirthdays!

  • Naomi

    When my family was upgraded to a suit at DL one trip.

  • Ashley Goucher

    Anything I do related to Disney or Disney World. haha 🙂