Celebrating 8 Years of Zannaland

Zannaversary You may have seen on my social channels that today marks 8 years of Zannaland.com. I thought I’d note the occasion here as well.

8 years ago, I made the decision to write predominantly about Walt Disney World and Disney entertainment and its impact on my family and me. Since then, I’ve gotten to experience and share so much, and my life has changed completely from where I started, in all good ways. I am so grateful for the friendships and relationships that have been built as a result of just wanting to share my thoughts on how I loved Disney.

Zannaland has of course grown to include other travel destinations, dining and movie reviews, and whatever other fun stuff crosses my desk.  I may not have as much time to share things as I once did, but my love and passion for magical adventures and sharing them with you is still going strong.

I haven’t really done anything for 8 years, except be a mother and perhaps scoop ice cream and waitress as my high school and college job, so this is a testament to doing something you love if nothing else. I’ve taken some risks over the years, worrying “should I write that?” or “should I be writing at all?” I know I’m most definitely not the biggest or best out there in any sense of the word, but at the end of the day, when I have the time, I love nothing more than putting together my thoughts on the places and things I love.

Thank you for following along and for all your support of my ups and downs along the way, and here’s to 88 more!

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