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A recent visit with Kyles family to The Happiest Place on Earth
A recent visit with Kyle's family to The Happiest Place on Earth
Those of us familiar with the Central Florida area might think it’s easy to have 67 days of smiles, but the Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau wanted to put that to the test. The CVB held a contest looking for Smile Ambassadors willing to ‘take one for the team’ and experience all the theme parks, rides and attractions they could in 67 days. Broadway performer Kyle Post and Harlem childcare worker Stacey Doornbos from New York City beat out all the other hopefuls and are now spreading the word through social media about 67 Days of Smiles. Why 67? According to tourism officials, 67 eight-hour days is the amount of time it would take to experience all the attractions in Orlando. How’s that for some cool trivia?

Kyle and Stacey are childhood friends from Holland, Michigan that always shared a love of theme parks, taking over 30 trips together to enjoy rides and attractions. After beating out 100’s of applicants from more than a dozen countries to secure their Ambassadorships, Kyle and Stacey were moved in to a two-bedroom condo in Downtown Orlando, compliments of The Paramount on Lake Eola, with furnishings provided by CORT. The Downtown Development Board facilitated those living arrangements, as part of their partnership on this program with the Orlando CVB. For the duration of their positions, the pair will also be provided cell phones, digital video and still cameras, a Dollar Rent A Car as well as $25,000 U.S. to cover living expenses back home. With all those perks, it’s no surprise the 67 Days of Smiles assignment was recently named the top social media job of the year by

Getting Slimed at Nickelodeon Studios
Stacey & Kyle getting SLIMED at Nickelodeon Studios
So what have Ambassador Kyle and Ambassador Stacey been up to? A visit to their 67 Days of Smiles blog will tell you all about it. They’ve also been tweeting and updating the Orlando Facebook page with pictures, videos and tales of their experiences. Followers of the 67Days Twitter feed and fans of their Facebook page are eligible for some great prizes too, including Orlando restaurant gift certificates and attractions tickets! Be sure to follow them for all the details.

I love reading the blog because you can just feel the excitement through their words (and if that’s not enough check out the amazing pictures and videos!). Not only are they enjoying their positions to the fullest, they are living up to their titles of Ambassadors of Smiles. If you are ever short on ideas for fun in Orlando, something tells me you’ll have endless ideas after catching up with Kyle and Stacey. I’d love you to send them a tweet or comment on their blog and tell them ZannaLand sent you! Keep up the great smiles guys!