Alright, I’m sure by now the entire population is aware of tonight’s premiere of the final season of Lost. I will admit to watching most of the first season, though I can’t remember much of it. I saw parts of I think the second or third season, but I really lost interest with the whole polar-bear-in-the-jungle premise and the introduction of the second group of people really did me in. It was kind of hard to hear all about the wonderment that is Lost and not want to jump on that bandwagon, but my stress levels simply couldn’t take it!

I am one of those people that has to psych herself up to watch a sad movie. I could live watching nothing but Bosom Buddies for the rest of my life because it’s just so happy and carefree…ish. Ok, I might get a little tired of Bosom Buddies but you get the idea. I actually get sick when I watch movies like Silence of the Lambs or pretty much any Martin Scorsese film. I’m not saying Lost is in that category, but I also can’t take series that stress you out with suspense AND don’t give you explanations for things. I’m all for mystery and mind-bending plot twists, but I’d like them to be resolved at LEAST by the end of each season. Give me a nice cliffhanger that frustrates me for a few days and I’ll get over it. Not plot lines that need entire websites, books and countless other sources of theories. My rainbows and unicorn-filled head just wouldn’t know what to do!

On a whim just now, I tweeted that I guessed I was the only person on the planet not watching Lost tonight. Well, imagine my surprise when my followers came out of the woodwork proclaiming their UN-Lost status as well. I was truly shocked. More people are tweeting even as I type this. One of my fellow Disney Moms, the gracious and beautiful Andi came up with a name for our group – FOUND. Another Disney fan and friend came up with the same group name as well, and the numbers keep growing of those ready to join. I’ve found out that people have many differing reasons for not watching, which was also a surprise.

Of course I am in no way bashing the show or the amazing J.J. Abrams, I’m really a huge fan.The original reason I started watching Lost was because of Dominic Monaghan, who I *may* have had a crush on during the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Oh, Merry…sigh) but we’ll save that discussion for another time. In any event – FOUND members, stand up and be counted and share why you won’t be watching tonight (or any night?).

How cool is this?! I couldn't NOT share it here. Photo © @wdwmom
HOWEVER – my very amazing friend OhAmanda not only loves LOST, she writes about it at The Disney Blog and on her own blog as well, so if you are looking to convert, we won’t judge, and she’ll show you the WAY! 😉 (and if I find out there’s a happy ending I just may have to catch up myself. shhhh.)

< --- EDIT: Check out what another Disney Mom friend did for her LOSTie family in celebration of tonight’s premiere:

If there are other shows you aren’t on the bandwagon for and feel alone – comment with those here too, you never know, you might find another support group!