I was very pleased to be invited by Zanna to post my Disney Photo of the Day here in ZannaLand.

I thought I would start with a double- in part to compensate for the time spent learning how to make WordPress work… And in recognition that these are in effect the same shot.

Tower of Terror Sign

Mission Space sign

Same shot?

Well, those of you who enter Walt Disney World via Main Gate might know what I mean. These two over-sized and very striking billboards entice you as you race along toward the parking entrance for Magic Kingdom- respecting the speed limit, of course- and for the photographer, their image and color and drama continually taunt you every time you drive by. Well, after many attempts over many visits and entrances and even years, I finally got an image of each that I am satisfied with.

No vehicles were harmed or killed (or even inconvenienced) in the making of these images.