Of COURSE we wanted to make a cheerleading pyramid at the party. Why wouldn't we??

As usual, my Wordless Wednesday is not-so-wordless. I can’t help it if I need to explain things! So this was taken during my 10th birthday extravaganza sleepover. This was 1983, and sleepover parties were the way to go back then. And you couldn’t just invite a couple people, you had to invite ALL your friends. I’m not even sure everyone was there yet at this point, I know there were a ton of people.

My mom had just given us all makeovers with her Princess Borghese make-up sets. We looked fabulous. I am also wearing a headpiece from one of my solo performances in my mom’s ballet concerts earlier that year. After this, I believe we broke out the Cheez Doodles and chips and waited up for Friday Night Videos to start. This was a HUGE deal, that we were staying up that late to watch videos. After that, things broke off into groups and there was some in-fighting as can only happen when you get that many pre-teen girls together in a small space. Other highlights I remember are someone throwing up the aforementioned Cheez Doodles at some point after midnight, and people ending up sleeping under our dining room table, on the landing at the bottom of the stairs, and the landing at the top of the stairs. It was pretty much insanity. I loved it.

I thought this fit in with the time-frame I’m writing about this week. Perhaps the best part is that even though I moved away to Florida a few months after this party and missed out on middle and high school with all these friends, most of us have reconnected on Facebook. It’s amazing to see how successful they all are now and how even though 26 years (gulp) had passed, I recognized every one of them and they remembered me too!