While Florida has many wonderful things to offer, including of course Walt Disney World, amazing natural resources and beauty…some people still think one lawn ornament is synonymous with the Sunshine State. Of course, I’m speaking of those pink plastic flamingos that you stick in your yard. Tacky, kitch, retro – yes, but magical? They are now!

I spotted these little guys hanging out by the door at TrenD in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. A classic example of Disney taking something simple and improving upon it, these little birds are full of personality, mouse ears and all. I can almost hear their voices talking to each other and commenting on your lawn or passers by – they’re so animated!

Each Disney flamingo sells for $24.95 and you should find them anywhere Disney outdoor decorations are sold. We spotted some outside the Soarin’ queue too.

They’re just begging for you to take them home, don’t you think?? Definitely a vast improvement over the original, I think, don’t you? 😉

Just keep them away from the yo-yo’s, okay?