In this weeks Disney Merchandise Report we will take a look at some new Disney princess music boxes, the new Haunted Mansion line and a some pink Minnie Mouse home decor just to name a few.

First we will take a look at a new series of snow globes and some vintage-looking magnets that have popped up in the stores in almost every park!

Disney Princess merchandise has always been really popular in the parks and I think these items will become a hit with both younger and older fans! The music boxes all feature the Disney princesses in there newest reimagined look, which I really like!

These princess tote bags are in the same design as some cute tops that were released last year, so perfect if you want to have a matching bag!

Here we first have a new Minnie Mouse pink polka dot home decor collection featuring cute stuff like a jewelry hanger and a frame set. Then if pink is not your thing we have the new Haunted Mansion collection which also features some really nice home decor/collectibles.

Castle Couture in Magic Kingdom now has some more princess dress up options for your kids to choose from like Merida and Pocahontas. It’s really nice to see that Disney is giving some attention to some of the more rarer princesses!

Lastly, we have two new antenna toppers, some new water bottles and a new girly version of the popular mouse ear ornaments!