A Zannaland Podcast!

It’s finally here! Up the Waterfall is a Disney podcast I’ve wanted to do for about 5 years now and it’s finally happening! Up the Waterfall is weekly podcast hosted by Zanna (me!) and Scott Otis. Discussions range from Disney history, to theorizing on what Disney’s future holds! Anything is possible in Disneyland! Thanks to Christian, we are also uploading the podcasts as video, in case anyone wants to watch as well as listen. 🙂

Up the Waterfall, Season One
Episode 1
D23 Expo, A 10 Year Retrospective

A look back at the past decade of D23 fan events, remembering what some of the biggest hits or biggest misses were. Listen and then let us know your thoughts!


This episode is also available in audio-only format.

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