As seen on, here are the latest in famed photographer Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream series for Disney Parks. In the photos, Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges recreate Beauty and the Beast, Olivia Wilde puts her own twist on Snow White (with the help of Alec Baldwin) and Queen Latifah takes on evil Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Click to enlarge photos:

Queen Latifa Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream portrait
Queen Latifah as Ursula (Annie Leibovitz/Disney Parks)


Olivia Wilde and Alec Baldwin Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream portrait
Alec Baldwin as the Mirror and Olivia Wilde as the Wicked Queen (Annie Leibovitz/DisneyParks)


Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream portrait
Jeff Bridges as the transformed Beast and Penelope Cruz as Belle (Annie Leibovitz/Disney Parks)


Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the process as well –

Queen Latifa Annie Leibovitz

Queen Latifah Annie Leibovitz

Alec Baldwin Annie Leibovitz

Olivia Wilde Annie Leibovitz