Continuing in the Golden Oak series, today we take a tour of the rest of the Summerhouse private resident clubhouse. Well, most of it. I’m saving the best for last. With Tyler’s lounge and Markham’s restaurant taking up most of the right side of Summerhouse, the left side contains the entertainment and recreation area and fitness center.

Golden Oak Summerhouse
The Resident Services office

As you enter Summerhouse, to the left is the Resident Services area, and straight ahead a little reception area with refreshments. Then to the left is the impressive great room style entertainment area and behind that, the locker rooms and gym. Let’s take a stroll…

[flickr_set id=”72157640323256244″]

What are your thoughts? Ready to move in? More soon, including the Golden Oak grounds and the impressive Triple R room. Don’t forget to check out the review of Markham’s restaurant if you missed it.