I just wanted to quickly announce the 5 winners of the anniversary giveaway from a few weeks back. Thank you again for all the support and love you’ve given me and the blog in the last year and for all the participation in the giveaway. Here are the winners as chosen from random.org:

Complete Guide to Disney iPhone/iPod Touch app: #45,  Rikki Niblett

Complete Guide to Disney iPhone/iPod Touch app: #21, Miss M

Set of 3 Audio Guides from Lou Mongello: #9, Lynne from Texas

Celebration magazines: #25,  Brian Hubbard

Walt Disney World Trivia Guide: #2, DVC Mom

Please contact me at zanna@zannaland.com with your mailing information! (For those that won the apps, I only need your email address.) Thanks so much to everyone that participated – I promise it isn’t the last giveaway. Thank you for reading!

Oh, and speaking of reading, I wanted to share a site I found recently, thanks to the fabulous DisMarks. You are checking out DisMarks, right?? If not, you should, it has some of the best Disney articles all in one spot. Anyway, I saw an entry from http://www.parkeology.com and clicked over to read it. I laughed, I cried, and I didn’t even have to kiss 3 bucks goodbye (someone tell me they remember that tag line?).

Parkeology has been around since December of last year but they are not short on great topics, even better pictures and videos, and a hilarious commentary on some really unique aspects of Disney Parks. Shane and TeevTee have some amazing facts and history to share. Seriously, I almost didn’t want to tell anyone about it because I wanted to keep their awesomeness to myself, but that would’ve been very evil of me. So please check them out and be sure to comment and let them know how you like their stuff. It’s my mission to go back and read all the blogs I missed from them and I can’t wait.