LEGO Movie World
Follow the rainbows to FUN!

It is no secret that I LOVE LEGOLAND. It may be more of a secret that I love all things 80’s, from my Lisa Frank stickers to rainbows and unicorns and brightly colored everything. That’s not so much a secret as it is just something a normal woman my age might not admit, but normal is not fun. Anyway, I digress. My point is, The LEGO Movie features a particular character, Unikitty, which embodies many of those same qualities as my childhood. LEGOLAND Florida has taken the background, setting and characters from The LEGO Movie, and brought them to larger-than-life fruition. And it’s amazing.

It’s impossible not to be cheerful in such a big, bright place. You walk in to this area of the park and feel as though you’ve stepped into The LEGO Movie itself.

Here’s the rundown of what to see and do:

Mrs. Scratchenpost
Mrs. Scratchenpost and Jeff are ready for your photo ops!


The LEGO Movie World consists of 3 rides, a kids playground area, a Taco Tuesday Everyday quick service restaurant, a small gift shop, and an indoor character meet and greet area. We’ll break down each of these spots below.


As you enter the park, go to the right and right again through the Duplo Valley. You will see the GIANT dog building ahead, and that’s where you’ll find The LEGO Movie World. Very close to the front of the park.

If you are coming from the back half of the park or the Water Park first, head toward the Dragon Coaster area where the Lost Kingdom is, and Movie World is right next to the Dragon Coaster.


Unikitty’s Disco Drop – Height/Age Requirements:

  • Guests under 40” in height or under 3 years of age are not allowed on the ride
  • Guests between 40” to 48”, and 3 to 6 years of age, must be accompanied by a supervising companion age 14 years or older and capable of ensuring the child’s safety
  • Guests 48” in height and above 6 years of age may ride unaccompanied

Masters of Flight – Height/Age Requirements:

  • Guests under 40” in height or under 3 years of age are not allowed on the ride.
  • Guests 52” in height and above 8 years of age may ride unaccompanied.

Battle for Bricksburg – Height/Age Requirements:

  • Guests who can sit upright without assistance may ride.
  • Children under 6 years of age or less than 48” must ride with a responsible person age 16 years or older and capable ensuring the child’s safety.  The responsible person must be seated on the same bench as the child.

Ride Rundowns:

Unikitty’s Disco Drop – This is a super bright fun and quick ride that you can see as soon as you enter the LEGO Movie World area. There are no surprises for kids who may be a little wary to try a ride like this, you can see it when you walk in, and watch others ride before you. Unikitty narrates the ride, changing things based on her various moods, and it’s full of fun music to make you feel like you’re right inside the movie. This is a quick ride, so the waits shouldn’t be too long, and if it’s not crowded, that means you can ride again and again.

Masters of Flight – The premier ride of LEGO Movie World, this is probably the most technologically advanced ride in all of LEGOLAND Florida. It is definitely along the same lines as Epcot’s Soarin’ down to the fact that you don’t need any 3-D glasses to ride. There are three different levels to load into the attraction, we went up to the 3rd floor, and I think based on the screen vantage point, that was the best place to be, but we’ll have to go back and try them all.

You load into a seating system very similar to Soarin’ except that you are facing the way you walked in. This made a few of us fear we were going to go upside-down to get to the screen part of the ride, but that was not the case. You tip back a little, then just turn around to the screen surrounding your viewing area. At first, I was afraid I was going to get a little motion sick, but I quickly adjusted and it was a SUPER FUN ride.

My 10 year old LOVED it, and I think any fans of the LEGO Movies and LEGO Movie video games will feel like they are right there with Emmet, Unikitty, Benny and more. You’re also treated to some fun scents to match your environment, but I won’t give anything else away. You’ll definitely want to check outMasters of Flight, and I don’t think you’ll be alone, so be prepared for a bit of a wait. Luckily there are several LEGO play areas throughout the queue to keep little folks entertained.

Battle for Bricksburg – Those familiar with LEGOLAND Florida will recognize this attraction as the former Legend of Chima boat ride. It has been completely re-worked and re-themed to fit in to the LEGO Movie World. Now you are battling aliens (made from DUPLO) to keep them from invading and stealing LEGO bricks, by spraying water at targets from your boat. If you’re not on the ride, there are water cannons outside, where you can spray guests (who are also getting soaked from water spraying as they sail by), making for lots of fun. You WILL get wet, in fact, you’ll probably get SOAKED, so be prepared for that and plan accordingly. It might be a welcome side effect on a hot Florida day!

Everything Else

The three attractions aren’t all in the LEGO Movie World, there is also a quick service taco stand straight from the movie, where it’s not just Taco Tuesday, it’s Taco Everyday! There you can grab a quick grilled chicken or brisket taco or some dessert sopapillas – the Double Decker Sofa-Pilla Bites, along with drinks as well.

There is also a play area called Benny’s Play Ship with two slides and lots of fun places to climb and run around. Despite all the rides, the play areas of LEGOLAND are always a must-do for my son!

Benny's Play Ship

Rounding out the area is Emmet’s Super Suite – a meet and greet area where throughout the day you can meet Emmet, Wyldstyle, Benny, and General Mayhem. The photo area is inside, and exits into a small LEGO Movie World themed gift shop, so you can leave with some souvenirs of your favorite LEGO friends.

Again, this is an amazing new addition to LEGOLAND Florida and I can’t wait till we can get back again. I’d recommend getting there early, and heading straight to Masters of Flight to start your LEGOLAND day off right, then enjoy the rest of the park, and maybe stop by on your way out.

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*Disclaimer: LEGOLAND Florida provided us with complimentary admission to the park to preview the LEGO Movie World area, but my opinions are, as always, my own.