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Children of the 80’s will no doubt recognize the lyrics to the Muppet Show above. The Muppets are now giving back, along with Disney, with their new promotion for 2010 – Give a Day Get a Disney Day. Now the the new year is here the volunteering has begun! The response to the promotion has been huge, based on the website traffic and buzz on twitter. Just to illustrate: I signed up on January 1st, for an opportunity on the 3rd, and when I checked back for more after I volunteered, there were none available! I’m hoping and assuming that as the days go on, Disney and the HandsOn Network will reveal even more positions, however Disney has said from the start that ticket quantities for this promotion are limited – so don’t delay!

In an effort to get the word out to even more volunteers, the Muppets, mascots of this promotion have put together a very special video for you!

So get out there and volunteer! Personally, I donated blood for my first effort. It was so motivating that I’m going to head back to Florida Blood Services soon and donate platelets which can save 3 lives with one donation. I hope to sign the rest of the family up as well to take advantage of the many kid-friendly volunteer options in my area. If you aren’t seeing anything available in your area or the site is giving you issues, keep checking back!