a pic I took for my friend Amanda Tinney's blog seemed to fit today's post! Click the pic to see her cool project!!
a pic I took for my friend Amanda Tinney's blog (DisneyEveryDay.com) and it seemed to fit today's post! Click to see her cool project!!
You may have noticed I have not been blogging much lately. Part of it is because I’ve just been in this sort of limbo of anxious anticipation which is causing me to have nothing to say! I know, shocking – enjoy it while you can! 😉 I’ve almost felt guilty about my leaving on Friday to attend what I imagine might rank up there with marriage and childbirth as far as life-changing memories go – Disney Moms Panel Training. Then today, less than 24 hours away from when I’ll arrive, he received a call this morning that he has a job once again! Thank you ALL for your support and prayers during this difficult last month. The guilt is now transforming to excitement again and I thought I’d write a little list of what I’m anticipating the most during the next 5 days.

Of course, this is all just speculation about ‘hoped for’ activities – we will not get our itinerary until we check in tomorrow. There are trip reports and blog entries accounting for past year’s training events, but I have successfully avoided reading any of them – on purpose. I didn’t want to have any expectations going in and risk disappointment by thinking ‘hey, they did that last year!’. That is not to say I’m expecting to be disappointed – of course not! Anyway, I just thought I’d note a few things I’m hoping we get to experience.

  • Riding Expedition Everest – even thought we live an hour away and have annual passes, I still have not gone on this ride! I’m not a roller coaster enthusiast, but I’ve done all the other coasters at Disney, so I’m sure I can handle this one, and it looks so scenic and exciting too!
  • Seeing inside the new Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. I’ve seen tons of pictures of this newest DVC offering, but it’s one of the few resorts I have not been able to tour yet. I’d love to see it in person!
  • Heading back into the Tunnel (ok, the Utilidor) under the Magic Kingdom. I have no clue if there would ever be a need for the Disney Moms Panel to tour the Utilidor, but I have to admit, I kind of miss it and would love to see my old stomping grounds again.
  • Checking out Pirates League or Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Ok, so this is probably a long-shot because I doubt they are going to take the time to make-over all of us as pirates or princesses, but I think it would be SO cool to do!! I’ll probably do this with my daughter when we make it back for our girl’s day out trip at some point soon.
  • Touring the Cinderella Suite in the Castle. Again, longshot maybe because this suite and staying in it are no longer part of the current Disney World promotion to visit the parks…and there are way too many of us to stay overnight IN the suite, so I’m not even asking for that, but just to be able to walk inside – see the twinkling lights in the ceiling over the bathtub…sigh…every princess’ dream!

No matter what we see or do (or eat) I have no doubt it will be an amazing trip of a lifetime. I have not been without family on a trip since my junior year trip to Europe in high school – and even then, I had my best friend with me – this time it’s ALL new people! Luckily I feel like I know many of them already and I know we’ll be into trouble in no time. 😉 I have never been away from my kids – they’ve had sleepovers but that’s it, and the baby, well…I really hope he remembers who I am when I return!! I will miss my husband and kids so much but I know they are wishing me well and so excited for this new adventure. I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back!