I know many of you have been following the “Meet Your Walt Disney World Moms Panel” series here on ZannaLand and anxiously awaiting the next interview. However in the course of compiling my notes for these entries, I discovered an unread email from a “Moms Panel Mabel”. I’m not sure how I missed this particular panelist – both her email and….well, ever hearing about her. However I’m certainly not one to discriminate and felt it was important to share ALL the panelists with you. Please help me in welcoming Moms Panel Mabel, and joining me as we get to know here a little…better.

1. How did you first get interested in the Disney parks? I first became interested in Disney parks while in the womb.  My parents didn’t know if I was a boy or a girl, and frequently browsed Baby Name Books.  Every time they passed “Mickey” or “Donald” or “Goofy”, I got all excited!  I knew I was destined to be a Moms Panelist!

2. Besides Disney, what are you most passionate about?
Well, besides Walt Disney World, I am also very passionate about Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Donald Duck orange juice, Mickey Mouse pizza, and a miniature schnauzer named “Minnie”.

3. Tell us about your family – are they Disney fans too? What are some of your most memorable family experiences? Well, my husband Walt is a huge Disney fan, and never leaves the house a day without wearing Mickey socks, a Mickey tie, and don’t tell his sainted mother, but Mickey underwear too (and sometimes, even the thong kind!).  My daughter Mularielleaurora-Daisy loves everything there is about Disney, and has dressed as Malificent for the last 6 Halloweens, Christmases, Easters, and Ramadans.  Our handsome son Pluto is not so much a Disney fan; but he is a huge space aficionado!  Poor little thing was so devastated with that demotion from planet to, well, you know…

4. What is your dream job (you can answer at Disney, not Disney, both or neither
!) My dream job is with the Walt Disney World Moms Panel!  I love answering questions for people planning Disney vacations!  I can tell them right off the top of my head how long it takes to get from Shrek to ET; when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens; how much an Express pass costs; and where to buy those cool Men In Black sunglasses.  Oh wait, that’s the wrong panel, isn’t it??

5. What is your favorite Disney restaurant and why?
My favorite Disney restaurant is Casey’s Corner!  It’s my favorite because it’s the first one on my loop – I grab breakfast there, second breakfast at Crystal Palace, a quick Dole Whip snack at Aloha Isle, brunch at El Pirata y Perico (when they’re open), a mid-morning snack at Sunshine Terrace, lunch at Pecos Bill, second lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern, an afternoon snack at Sleepy Hollow, a quick cup of chowder at Columbia Harbor House, dinner with Cinderella at her Royal Table, a little snack afterwards as Pinocchio’s Village Haus, a frozen Coke at Scuttle’s Landing, a quick bite at Cosmic Ray’s, a wee dessert at Auntie Gravity’s, a small nosh at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station, and then, a lovely pastry to take as I waddle home from the Main Street Bakery!  So yes, Casey’s Corner is my favorite restaurant!

6. What is the first thing you do when you arrive at Disney visit? What is your MUST DO during each visit?
After I pick myself up off the ground from the big, fat, wet kiss I have just given it, the sky’s the limit!  As for what is a Must Do on each visit, we do a DVC tour.  Did you know that for the past couple of years, you get free Fast Passes for your family for touring the DVC models?

7. What do you wish there were more of at Disney? Less?
I wish there were more Disney Moms – one stationed at every corner, so people could ask them more questions.  Because you never know until you get there what you’ve forgotten to ask!  How convenient to have a Disney Mom on every corner!  As for what there should be less of, people ahead of me in line for Soarin’.

8. What type of music are you into?
You mean there is another type of music besides “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”?

9. What’s the last book you read that you really enjoyed?
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Walt Disney World – we have 47 copies, and it’s the only book we read in our house.  Wanna see the 18 A+ book reports the kids have done on it?

10. Describe YOUR perfect Disney vacation (could be solo, with family, friends anything, no limitations).
My perfect WDW vacation would be one where all 43 Disney Moms escorted me around the theme parks, all showing me their favorite Disney attraction!

11. Feel free to share a little “interesting tid-bit” or some other surprising fact about you. (that you don’t mind the internet knowing!)
Okay, it’s really ME and not my husband Walt wearing the Mickey Mouse thong underwear. With my Moms Panel jacket of course. I sleep in that thing!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Mabel!! Okay, okay, you probably guessed by now that Mabel isn’t actually ON the Moms Panel. I do have a Moms Panelist to thank for this wonderful little interview though – Disney Mom Anna S. wrote this little spoof up for me when I was running short on panelist interviews as my ‘back up plan’. We thought it’d be funny to come up with a fictional panelist just for giggles. Then I actually got sidetracked and didn’t post it (or the regular interviews) but I thought this would be the perfect time to share it with the world as Anna is now recovering from a successful surgery today. Hopefully seeing her creation in print will cheer her (once she gets around to coming back online – I’m sure that isn’t top on her list right now!).
Just to further disclaim – this “interview” was purely comical and fictional in nature. There is no Mabel on the Moms Panel (whether or not any actual panelists wear Mickey Mouse thongs, well…I’m staying out of that one!). Regularly scheduled Moms Panelists interviews resume next week!! Thanks for indulging this bit of fun! 😉